Ithaqua Sound making

For our Aetherial game, I was the lead sound and the sound tracks were not that complex. Most of them were short sounds and effects for different small things like shooting, taking damage, dying etc. I decided to take the role of lead sound because I have always been into music a lot, and thought that i could make some music and sounds for the game with my violin.

I had initially planned on using my violin at least for the background song and make it unique. After some weeks of putting the different sounds together for the rest of the things that we needed in the game, i realized that it was going to take way too long to make a background song for the game that we would have to loop as well.

When it came to the background music I ended up using a free online website where you can take songs without stealing them ( I have used this site before for previous games that I have made with groups and they have a lot of different song types. I ended up downloading a few different ones from there for my group to review and vote on. They were all picked with our game type in mind where you’re flying up in the clouds shooting enemies from out of this world. We ended up deciding on one of the song which sounded like you were in a very mysterious place on an adventure, which fit this theme perfectly.

As for the rest of the sounds, I took the challenge upon myself to create those. This started off pretty funny as I was walking around my apartment tapping on things, opening cabinets and drawers listening to what could be a good sound for the game. For the shooting sound, which was going to be there all the time, I wanted to have something that was not too overwhelming since players would be shooting all the time. This ended up just being me recording a tapping sound on a plastic speaker, where I changed the pitch of it a little to make it sound appropriate for the gun on the ship.

The other sounds were things from around the apartment as well. The harpoon, was a sound of a spring that I found, and the dashing sound of the ship was some drawer that I closed.

Last but not least, was the sound of the boss. This was the most fun since I made them with my own voice. This included the initial sound of the growling before the boss arrives. I made this by just mumbling into the microphone deeply and long changing my tone a bit during it. After I had recorded it, I changed the pitch of the recording downwards about halfway. This made it sound like the sound came from some giant monster, which was perfect for our boss since the boss was so big. The rest of the boss sounds like the biting, dying, taking damage and dashing were all made similarly. The pitch was changed on all of those too, so it sounded appropriate.

Our game came out nicely with the addition of my sounds and I cant say that I would want to change much about it. People who played the game thought the sounds were fitting for the type of game that we had. I learned a lot about sounds by doing this for my team and I think I have thereby discovered an interest that I think I could take part of in future games.



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