Scrum within team Ithaqua

Welcome to my third blogg.

This time, my blogg is about scrum in my team. When I was first introduced to scrum, I didn’t know too much about it, but I had seen it being used before. A good scrum board is where the team has good overview of what needs to be done, what is being worked on and what is done.

In my group, scrum was no new thing as our programmers had already used it multiple times before, since they have so many tasks to work on. One of the only tricky things in the beginning was to find a good program for it. Our programmers suggested using Trello, because it is an easy to use program where certain tasks can easily be moved around. Unfortunately, we had to use the goodle.doc version as our scrum board which most of us didn’t like too much.

As we started to set up the scrum board, we were lucky to have a little template from our scrum master on how his board used to look like. This made it easier and faster for us to set up our tasks and make sure everyone knew what they had to get done. Our first meeting didn’t take much longer than an hour but we ended up adding extra tasks throughout the week, when we thought about something that was missing. Our scrum board had a lot of information regarding every tasks that needed to be done, including the meetings at the top of the page, that I made sure to update so no one would miss the meeting the next day or have any questions about that.

As many teams have done, we have had our sprint plan meeting on Monday and our sprint review on Friday. We decided that during those days we would include our stand up in those meetings so people did not have to come back to school another time for a few minutes. Our stand up meetings were always held on Tuesday through Thursday instead. We also decided to record all of the sprint plan-review meetings so far just to make sure we had everything documented.
Everything has been going good with our scrum board and people have stayed on track except for some minor hiccups.

The only drawback with this scrum board was that it wasn’t as easy to use as trello in terms of moving tasks around easily. This one is more like a microsoft exel sheet, and that’s what we didn’t like too much. So the decision was made to add a Trello board, where we move things around easily and have a even better overview of the tasks at hand and then Mondays and Fridays the other Scrum board would be updated accordingly. This has worked even better up until this point and i suggest any other groups to do the same if they have the time with two boards.

That is all my information about my scrum board and i hope it was enjoyable to read.


4 thoughts on “Scrum within team Ithaqua

  1. Hey, thanks for writing about your scrum.
    Recording your meetings and adding artifacts that you remember after-the-fact seems like good methods of staying on top of the workload and documenting the progress.I find it interesting to hear about the tool Trello,as I haven’t heard about it before and it definitely seems useful as a program to track work in Scrum.

    As far as structure of the written article itself I would suggest reworking or even consider removing the second paragraph of the text. It contains a lot of redundant information that is repeated in the end of the text, and maybe incorporate the nuggets of unique information into the other bodies of text.

    I would love to read a little more about how Scrum affected how you developed the game, and of you sharing an anecdote or reference to an artifact that changed due to the framework itself. Including a picture would also benefit the reader in getting a sense of what you’re working on. If I came to the blog as a reader without reference to what Aetherial is, I would have a hard time imagining what it is and what you are doing.

    -Benjamin Harbakk


  2. Hey Alex,
    Sorry for the incredibly late reply, but I enjoyed reading your post. My group also had some problems when it came to using the spreadsheet, but we choose to stick with it since it appeared to be required. It’s interesting that you had group members who were already familiar with using Scrum. Since this was our first time using Scrum it did not go as well as could have. Hopefully, it will go better during the arcade project now that all of the team members will have experience with Scrum. The way you set up how your group planned out the daily stand-up meetings was a good idea. I may try that with my new group, along with using a Trello board instead of using the google spreadsheet. Of course if it turns out that we will need to use the spreadsheet for hand-in purposes then we will just stick with that. Overall this was a great post!


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