Presentation day for alpha

Today was a somewhat stressful and nervous day for we had our presentation for our alpha.
We have come pretty far with our game compared to some other teams and we are pretty happy about that. But since our programmer had a super busy schedule with all his work i wanted to pick a good day for him where we could meet and plan our presentation well. We ended up picking the day before the presentation to put together our power point presentation. This was also a good time to have a regular meeting with the team to go through what has been done so far since Monday for out sprint. We ended up picking 13:00 yesterday to meet and get everything done. As mentioned in my previous blog, we do have some problems with one person coming late, which of course happened this time too. We started of with our team meeting and checking if anyone needed help with anything for our sprint deadline on Friday. It seemed the programmers had gotten pretty far with their work so we were able to get started with our presentation very quick. We wanted to make sure we didn’t talk too long and bore people with information they don’t care about. The important things that we needed to have in the presentation were put on the slides and made sure it looked nice. Since I am the project manager it was important for me to take the first slides and introduce the group and it’s roles within. Apart from the first slides we decided to divide up the rest of the slides so everyone could talk. I let my team members pick which ever slide they wanted to talk about mostly because some people had more to say about certain things. Especially when it comes to our programmers, they were the ones who had some things they were not satisfied with and they wanted to describe that, so they took those slides. It took us a few hours to put it all together including a nice recording of our game play that showed everything we needed plus a death too.
The day of presentation we ended up all being on time for the most part. The programmers and designers had actually made a improvement on the game the night before so we ended up not using the slide where we had prerecorded our game but instead started the game and played it instead. We were the last team to present which kept us nervous the entire time. Everyone ended up presenting their slide really nicely and I couldn’t be happier about that. Except that i mistakenly said i was the programmer as i tried to say producer, it went good for me too. This was quickly corrected with a little laugh from the audience.
It was a productive day with these presentations and now i have a much better insight on how far other teams have gotten and how much we need to catch up.


3 thoughts on “Presentation day for alpha

  1. Hi Alexander! I am happy that I am the one who is tasked with reviewing this blog. I was a part of the second to last group to present, so I can definitely relate to much of what you wrote. I am however not content with my own performance, since I thought I wouldn’t be able to deal with the pressure of presenting to so many people in English. I was like you nervous so I had a script prepared, but once I stood there ready to present I realized that I didn’t need it. I think this was good practice for all of us project managers, it certainly was not as bad as I had imagined it would be.

    Going back to your post, I think it is reasonably clear what you did. In the future you could think of having the things flow in an order that makes sense. With that I mean, for example, in the beginning of your text, you write about conducting the alpha presentation today. You then talk about things you did before, but it is not obvious right away that you are talking about things you did previously. It is just something minor to think about, to make the text flow better. The content itself is fine, just the order it is presented, if that makes sense.

    You can only say so much about how you made a power-point presentation and decided speaking orders, so I think you did a good job of being clear about what you did and how you did it. You explained why you did things (for example why you felt that you had to take the first slides and introduce your team). I think overall the process of explaining the how what and why of the process was great.

    In terms of value of the post, this post has more of a personal tone. You tell us how you were nervous, how you felt that you had a responsibility of leading the opening of the presentation, and so forth. I think that this is one way to do these blog posts. For me personally, I like this kind of style just as much as a more in-depth analysis of a problem or a theory.

    While I did not necessarily learn anything new, I still enjoyed this post quite a bit. It is not always obvious that people are nervous. I could honestly not tell when you presented that you were particularly nervous. Like you said, I think you did a good job presenting. Still it feels good that more people felt the same way I did about presenting, even a person that seemed really confident like yourself.

    For future posts I would love if it was not just a big block of text. I also would like you to go more in-depth on certain things and how you did it. I think many of us actually care and want to learn how other project managers manage their groups. We learn from each other and I am genuinely curious about the specifics of how you do things with your team.


    Michael Degirmen


    1. Hi Michael!

      Thanks for your comments, it was interesting to read and I do agree that there are some things I would need to change for my future blogs. The block of text is annoying and I just realize that now too. In this case, I had some other work piled up so I just wanted to write it as fast as possible and didn’t end up getting my text nice and organized like it should have been. But yeah I agree with you, it is nice to know that other people are nervous too and not just me haha. I’m the kind of person who worries too much at first, but then gets used to being on stage after a minute and things just start to flow, if that makes sense. Anyways! thanks for the comment and I’ll keep your comments in mind when writing my next paper.



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